As part of its contribution to career development in the State Public Service, the Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC) has commenced the delivery of the compulsory Structured Training for staff who are eligible for promotion in 2019. 

 The Learning and Development  Programmes, which have been well-scoped by the Centre's Faculty to prepare eligible staff for the challenges of the new positions they would be occupying  after the promotion exercise. 

 They are divided into five groups namely Performance Improvement Courses I, II and III for staff on Grade Levels 01 to 06, 07 to 09 and Grade Levels 10 and 12 respectively while officers from Grade Levels 13 and 14 and Grade Levels 15 and 16 would be exposed to Career Enhancement Courses I and II respectively.

 The State Government adopted the Structured Training Programme for Promotion as a replacement to the one-shot promotion examinations in 2017.