PSSDC ... 25 years of service excellence

The Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC) is a multi-disciplinary training institution established by the Lagos State Government in 1994 to train, retrain and develop staff of the public service as well as serve as consultants to Government. The legal instrument empowering the Centre to carry out its functions effectively is as contained in the Law No.5 of 19th August 2013 (which repealed Edict No. 9 of 1994).

The establishment of the Centre in Magodo, Lagos, arose from the need to effectively coordinate capacity building, learning and development activities but more importantly, with a view to promoting excellence in Public Service delivery. Since establishment, PSSDC has provided niche and cutting-edge learning and development programmes for the Public Service of Lagos State and other public service stakeholders with tremendous observable impact.

In line with the desire of its stakeholders to make Lagos become Africa’s model mega city and an emerging smart city that works for all and with a view to enhancing her ability to play in the dynamic world of human resource management and capacity building, PSSDC continues to receive tremendous support from the Lagos State Government. This support heralded the commencement of an ambitious transformation programme that has since changed its perception by critical stakeholders in the Public Service capacity building industry in Nigeria and beyond.